• As tourism gets busier during the summer,
    Purple Kennel Project will take a backseat however we will be back bigger, better
    and eager to help more dogs keep warm in April 2018...


Who are Purple Kennel Project

About Us

Purple Kennel Project was founded in 2016 by Samantha Chatham with the help of her assistant Luckmore Fadzi on the concept that Kennels are at the top of every welfare organisation’s ‘wish list’ especially during winter.Hence we wanted to offer people an opportunity to donate to something more tangible and see the difference. Now just to put it all together …

creating homes

Sheltering needy dogs one at a time.

Creating awareness

Purple Kennel Project also creates awareness.

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Who we are

Meet our team

  1. Sam
  2. Lucky
  3. Solly and team
  4. Bruno
  5. Harry

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  • Somewhere SOUTH - the main company that initiated Purple Kennel's branding is purple.

  • It is recognisable and people always remember us!

  • People are less likely to use Purple Kennels for firewood.

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Our Supporters

  1. Somewhere SOUTH Hospitality
  2. JF Paints
  3. Dulux Blouberg
  4. The Sunflower Fund
  5. Upholstery House

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